Probated wills and letters of administration

Our background is in Probate Genealogy, so you can be reassured we know all about probate. We have spent many years searching through probate records.

We offer a service which is hassle free to you, all we ask of you is to contact us preferably by email at Provide us your name and contact details, the deceased's Full name, rough date of death, rough date of birth or age at death and a geographical area where they died. 

We will search a 21 year period just for you, the year you suggest first, then if needed 10 years either side. 

This service will cost £5 per 21 year search. If we find a probate record, we will notify you with our report preferably by email and if there is a probate then we will let you decide if you require it or not. 

If you want to use our service to order the probate it will cost a further £12 including handling fee. 

If you have several probates to be checked please send us an email with the amount you need checking and we will give you a quote by email.