Our Customers feedback page

These are a few feedback form responses we have received from customers who can tell you how they felt about our service. We always enclose a feedback form after we have been paid for our services, to see how we are doing and helps us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Mr Hayes 

I found that the service we received from SeekKin Ancestors was of a very high standard. They listened carefully to what we required and when the family history was completed they had produced exactly what we had asked for. My Wife and I have told our friends and our extended family about how pleased we are with SeekKin Ancestors service from start to finish. A company who care and listen.

Mr Evans

I would like to thank SeekKin Ancestors for unravelling the fact from the fiction about my family history. I would recommend Seekkin Ancestors to anyone who needs experts to find the facts about their family history.

Mrs Pitt

Can I just say a very big thank you to SeekKin Ancestors for identifying the birth of my Grandmother who worked as an actress and only went by her stage name when she married my Grandfather. The wealth of knowledge and records proven by the outcome of their research.

The Group of seven from Billingshurst, West Sussex

We want to just say how grateful we are for the time SeekKin Ancestors took to teach us about the basics in tracing a family's ancestors. We were impressed that you arrived 30 mins early to set up and prepare your talk in your own time. The speaker was clear and obviously knowledgeable in his field of expertise. We found it all so interesting and we would like to also thank you that the speaker paused at times to ask if things were clear to us.

Then once the speaker had taught us the basics, they then went on to show us by using our own ancestors and looking at records online.

It was a very informative and enjoyable evening and will use you again in the future as a group or as a one to one. We have told others how good you were.