Our Background

Although Seekkin Ancestors is a relatively new company, our research work has been going since the early 1990s, mainly in the heart of our Capital, London has always been a great centre of ancestral records for the UK.

Covering three decades, our research has made a difference to many people's lives, whether this is bringing family together or solving family mysteries.

The emigration of people around the world is easier now and safer although this can make it harder for researching.

When looking how research was done in the 1980s and 1990s, research was very hands on and physically demanding due to the time spent travelling to the record offices and then going through old ledgers and record books. 

Nowadays many records have been digitised and available on specific websites dedicated to this subject. Even with the available data, if you are not familiar with the layout or what you are exactly looking for, then a firm of genealogists could be a more cost effective way of doing things. What an expert can do in a few hours could take you weeks or even longer.